Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Elementary

Sometimes I have to get back to basics so that I can feel like I'm on the right track.

Every once in a while I go back and revisit things, to get a fresh look at something that I already know. I like to think of it as brushing up, kind of like taking a drawing class here and there. You get back to basics in order to head into a new creative direction or to see something that didn't take center stage before but leaps out at you now.

Revisiting the Elements is on my list of things to explore. Of course right now I'm feeling very attuned to water what with the mood swings that my over active hormones are causing; so I have a feeling that spending a week focused (or as focused as a pregnant Momma of a busy four year old can be) on the element of Water will flow fairly effortlessly. However I'm anticipating some turbulence with Air since Air has always been difficult for me to connect with.

This time around, I'm approaching the Elements from a creative point of view as a jumping point. Where would you start if you were in my shoes?

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Moon Daughter said...

Over at The Domestic Witch ( she's doing a series on connecting to the elements. She started with Earth, if that feels do-able to you at all.

If you're still feeling water... but you want a creative point of view? I'm not sure what you mean by that... doing some watery art? Water colors, pictures and interpretations of the oceans, paper dolls (there's a GREAT template at

Or do you mean connecting with water in it's less obvious forms... as water moving through the earth, as water evaporating from a dish, as water being pulled up into a plant's roots?

Not sure if any of that is helpful, but I certainly wish you the best. It's not easy to find a new way around an "old" subject! :)