Monday, December 20, 2010


Happy Yule!

What do I have planned? I'm afraid that it's not much. This pregnancy is getting to the point where I ache all over and where I'm not aching I'm being pummeled from within or experiencing lovely Braxton Hicks contractions from the time I go to be until roughly 4 each morning. So any ritual or magick that I participate in will be the barest of the minimum. Perhaps a shared cup and a sun shaped cookie to offer the goddess and the god. As for the lunar eclipse tonight, we'll see how things go.

I wish you all a most beautiful celebration tonight.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

dark days

Hormones are playing a big part in my day to day lately. Tears seem to be the norm and at least I know that they are being triggered and are not coming from out of left field because that would be bad. We're in the home stretch with the Bean and I'm not comfortable and I'm not able to focus on the things I'd like to do for Yule, and getting ready for the rest of the holidays just seems like too much work so I'm taking the pressure off.

Last year I packed one or three fun holiday related activities in each week leading up to Yule and christmas, this year we've managed one fun thing each week and this weeks was wrapped up with the hospital tour; we rode the bus home and looked at all the holiday lights on the bus route home.

I'd feel guilty about my lack of activity on this blog too, except that, again; I'm taking the pressure off. What I am doing is taking some time here and there, as things allow for it, to think forward to what I want to accomplish as the wheel of the year travels back towards longer days. I'm also considering all the things that I had put ahead of me over this last year. During the Yule ritual last year I put my intentions out for growth. Growth in my garden, growth in my creative life, growth in my spiritual path. Over all growth has been decidedly achieved, our family will grow by one in the new year. Our first garden was both a learning experience and a success. I'm looking forward to this year's planting. Over the last year I've made time to be creative more consistently and I've seen the benefits in both my personal life and in my spiritually.

So as the days become shorter, I hope to collect my thoughts about what I want for the next year.