Friday, June 25, 2010

checking in

It's been a few since my last post here. I'm still alive and well, I've just been super busy with birthday party planning, vacation plans and taking care of myself.

Since we're headed out of range of reliable Internet and by reliable I mean there's going to be Internet I just can't be relied upon to get on it when I could be visiting with my family instead.

I'll be back and posting regularly again after the 12th of June once we're back home and settled. In the meantime I've got some posts scheduled over at So Anyway... if you're feeling like you'd like a little bit to tide you over I've scheduled some posts where you can link to those posts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At the water

after reading some of the posts from some of the other accounts of meeting at the water I'm almost afraid to say that my preparations and work was limited to my bowl of water a jar of full moon water to boost my intentions and a quiet trip into the back yard.

Like a lot of the spell work I do I tend to start out with grand plans that far outreach my means. With unlimited resources, time and space what I could come up with some amazing altars and rituals. As it is, I'm limited and make do with what I have.

While I have plans to set up a permanent altar somewhere in our home I haven't quite yet. I did not set up a working altar on Saturday. What I did was fill a bowl from my cupboard with water and took it out into our yard beneath the Cherry tree. I cast a simple circle and welcomed the elements. I welcomed the Goddess and told her my intent. To my bowl, I added the full moon rain water that I had collected from the last full moon to boost my intentions. Then I placed my hands in the water and sent out my thoughts and prayers for healing of the waters and the ocean floor.

I sat and meditated on the energies I was sending out with my hands still resting on the surface of the water in my bowl. I imagined my energies infusing the water and as I poured the water from my bowl into the earth I pictured all the other waters that had been blessed that night commingling together, the healing energy from all those sources mixed together, become stronger from the mix and our shared intentions. I opened the circle, thanked the Goddess, the elements and went in to go to sleep.

Did you meet us at the water last Saturday?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


As I've mentioned something has popped up that has added another element to my journey. It's caused me to take a step away from what I thought this was going to be and be about. I've put down some of the books I've been reading and re-reading and picked up other books that I've read before. For some reason these books seem more important right now and I'm going with that.

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, the Peanut is turning 4 and there is a party on the radar.

We are headed back to Alberta and that means (if our last trip taught us anything that is) that posts here and at So Anyway... will be few and scattered if at all.

Tonight, once darkness has fallen, I'll be headed out to the backyard with a bowl of water and my heart full of healing intentions to meet a growing movement of people at the water.

And by the end of the weekend I hope to have sold my beloved 4x5 press camera. It's time to let it go, it's been sitting unused in it's heavy duty leather carry case for the last 4 years with very little time in the sun. It needs to be with someone who will put it to use and enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Healing the Waters

Spell work is all about putting your intentions out there for the universe to pick up and amplify. The thing about the universe is that we are all connected to it and all those things we send out there are felt and put to work in one degree or another through that interconnectedness.

So when a group of people get together with similar intentions it ripples out into the universe a little farther and faster than if the intention was coming from a singular source. This coming Saturday is the New Moon, a time for setting the stage for change. Hanna at Divining Women has an extraordinary idea for a New Moon spell work that will send energy and healing to the waters in the Atlantic where a gaping hole in our ocean's floor is gushing toxic oil and gas into our living waters, killing and damaging so much as it continues.

Like so many others I am sickened, enraged and so much more over this avoidable tragedy. I won't put any energy into finger pointing, there are a lot of other people better equipped to do that, people with knowledge that I don't have and the capacity to put into words what I am feeling and thinking so much better than I can. I want more than anything for the damage to stop and for the waters that have been poisoned and everything that that poison is touching to be cleaned and whole again.

So I will add my energy to the healing with a spell of my own on Saturday. I will send my intentions out into the universe with everyone else who has pledged to do the same on Saturday. As I lay my hands on the waters and pour my thoughts of healing and strength into our Mother I will feel the combined energy of those who are participating and feel the wave of energy as it pours into the water headed out to where the earth needs it the most.

Join us won't you?


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and just like that

another stumbling block.

This week has been a little how shall I say... I don't know how to say without getting too much into something that I'm not ready to talk about just yet but lets just say that I've have changes incoming and adjusting to them is taking away from some of the things I wanted to be writing about today instead of writing about why I'm behind. So the exercises that I mentioned in the last post are still on my to do list once I can put more focus on them. They are simple exercises and ones that I can do simply and soon once I've managed to get my equilibrium back in place or rather my footing. In the meantime I am still reading, and examining because that never stops.