Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes all you have to do is ask

This seems to be the case with life these days. The universe just seems to be bringing those things that we are asking for into our grasp.

Take the husband for instance. For a few weeks last spring he was talking about how he wanted to get a bike. We talked about looking for used ones that wouldn't be so pricey, and other options to fit within our limited budget. Then one afternoon the neighbors across the street were cleaning out their garage. Instead of lumping all the things they wanted to get rid of out side their house they spread it out a little. With sign taped to each: a TV and box of random stuff to their right, an old fridge in front of their home, an old door in front of the house on the left and in front of our house a bike.

I just happened to glance out the window and saw the bike leaning against the tree in the front, went out to take a look and voila! bike for husband.

Now, with the Bean on the way we're talking about getting a dishwasher. When we moved to our current home we gave up the luxury of having a dishwasher and restarted the chore of filling the sink 2 times or more a day and scrubbing by hand. Not that I'm complaining but I know that when the Bean gets here washing dishes is going to be one of those things that will likely get away from me.

So, when we had my sister and her boyfriend over dinner with my niece on the weekend to welcome them to the lower mainland I casually mentioned while the dishes were being washed that we were planning on looking for a dishwasher in the fall. And then my niece turns to me and says, "you can have my portable one, we don't need it because we have a built in one in our place"

I know some people would call it luck but I prefer to look at it as becoming more aware of things and being open to opportunities. Now if only the lottery money that I've been saying would do the same thing...

have you had experiences where things just fell into place right when they were needed?

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