Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Veil Thins

This year (and last year too); I've noticed that my dreams this have been featuring some of my beloved dead. My cousin who passed last spring has been a frequent visitor as have grand parents and others. Last year the I could feel the veil thinning too. I've been trying to keep track of what is said during these dreams and to be honest; waiting to see my Dad in one or more of them. Samhain marks my annual meeting with him in the Summerlands, I look forward to sharing that time with him under the apple trees.

In the past; before we moved into a house and were living in an apartment building the thinning of the veil didn't feel so immediate throughout the month and any contact I had with my ancestors took place at the Samhain ritual. I have to say that I prefer the gradual opening to the one night approach since it reminds me that the year is a wheel that turns progressively through out the seasons.

What about you? Do you feel the veil beginning to thin too?

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