Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At the water

after reading some of the posts from some of the other accounts of meeting at the water I'm almost afraid to say that my preparations and work was limited to my bowl of water a jar of full moon water to boost my intentions and a quiet trip into the back yard.

Like a lot of the spell work I do I tend to start out with grand plans that far outreach my means. With unlimited resources, time and space what I could come up with some amazing altars and rituals. As it is, I'm limited and make do with what I have.

While I have plans to set up a permanent altar somewhere in our home I haven't quite yet. I did not set up a working altar on Saturday. What I did was fill a bowl from my cupboard with water and took it out into our yard beneath the Cherry tree. I cast a simple circle and welcomed the elements. I welcomed the Goddess and told her my intent. To my bowl, I added the full moon rain water that I had collected from the last full moon to boost my intentions. Then I placed my hands in the water and sent out my thoughts and prayers for healing of the waters and the ocean floor.

I sat and meditated on the energies I was sending out with my hands still resting on the surface of the water in my bowl. I imagined my energies infusing the water and as I poured the water from my bowl into the earth I pictured all the other waters that had been blessed that night commingling together, the healing energy from all those sources mixed together, become stronger from the mix and our shared intentions. I opened the circle, thanked the Goddess, the elements and went in to go to sleep.

Did you meet us at the water last Saturday?


Jill said...

I think your ritual sounds wonderful... it's almost exactly what I did. I had a large shell that I used as a bowl to mix water and sea salt. I meditated on healing, wholeness, and the mixing of waters. I actually felt very connected... very aware of the web of life... and it meant much to me. I hope it meant something to the Goddess.

Not Hannah said...

Beautiful! I think this is great.