Monday, August 1, 2011


Keeping with my commitment to observe the Sabbats today we celebrated the first f the three harvest festivals by enjoying a meal together. On the menu was a homemade chicken soup flavoured with some of our garden herbs and some corn bread. We toasted to a fruitful harvest and enjoyed our meal.

Simple and easy which worked well since my Bean is teething and has her sinus working overtime. This means my early evenings are filled with trying to get her settled and not in pain. Not a great place to be doing a lot of ritual work but that can come later.

What I did do was spend some time in my garden (something I have been doing almost daily so far, if only to pick berries or harvest some lavender) and really look at where we are in the growing season and doing a little planning for the next few weeks. This is only our second year planting a garden and I find that my main concern other than weeding, ant control and slug trapping; is that I want to plant more next year.

Our growing season is pretty behind right now, so far raspberries, lavender and a handful of pea pods have been the only things coming out. My basil is not doing as well as I'd like, Tomatoes are flowering but not showing any signs of fruit, and broccoli and the lettuce is starting to show heads but my carrots, and onions are dead in the ground, the carrots flopped last week and the onions didn't even make a show. I'm learning and have plans to start from seed in the coming winter.

If I can get to it I'll post a little about what Lammas and Lugnasadh is another time. Until then I've got these images from our dinner with the lemon Balm Tiger Lily arrangement I put together for the feast.

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