Monday, April 26, 2010

And then there's you

In case you are following me from So Anyway... and even if you aren't Welcome. The blog title comes from a song that has been on constant replay in my playlist lately. The post title is from the same song. You can hear the song here.

I've been playing around with starting a second blog that I could use as a journal of my journey of a year and a day towards my dedication to the Goddess. I've mentioned in So Anyway... that my spiritual path is Pagan but although I've been a practicing Pagan for many years I have never actually taken steps towards dedication. I guess it's my penchant for being non-committal and stand-offish.

It's time that I get off the sidelines and jump in and this is where I'm going to share that ever so scary and bold diving. I'm not sure how to get started other than to devote a part of each of my days for a year and a day towards a study of the Goddess, the God; in their many forms; the elements, the Earth and her cycles and to share what I'm doing, thinking, practicing and reading here.

Are you following the same path? Where did you start? What prompted that first step?

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Anna said...

What a wonderful idea, I look forward to reading your posts.