Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still the stars they sparkle and shine

As I approach the gate that opens onto the path I will be walking; I'm gathering those things around me that I think I'll need on my journey. The books in my library, the few tools I've acquired over the years (tarot cards, pendulum, the apple twig from my Grandmother's tree, hand thrown chalice, my art supplies and paper) my intentions. I have selected my start date to be Beltane which is just around the corner, in a few days so I am preparing for the first step across the threshold.

I've been thinking about what I want this journey to entail and how I want it to take form. I'm a creative person and I am constantly trying to integrate that into my lifestyle as opposed to fitting it in when I have extra time. Making the choice to study for a year and a day to dedicate myself to the pagan path feels the same to me. I want to make it a part of my daily life just as I want to make being creative a part. It's all intertwined and I hope to make the weave stronger in the coming year and a day.

In keeping with these ideas I will be posting here on my progress and also keeping a journal of sorts with an eye to binding it into a Book of Shadows.

As I mentioned above I have books in my library that I have picked up here and there over the years. Some I have read and reread others I have skimmed and still others have sat collecting dust. I have my eye on a book that is specific to this process:

Wicca: A Year & a Day: 366 Days of Spiritual Practice in the Craft of the Wise by Timothy Roderick

Has anyone read this book? Did you find it useful?

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